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Thursday, October 20, 2005

+ Q: Will you feature album "X" by artist "Y"?

A: We will be happy to review submissions. If we dig the album and think it has musical, news or comedy value, we will feature it. However, the following rules apply:
1. You must send a physical disc (CD or DVD). If you email MP3s or Rhapsody/YMU links you will be ignored and added to my trash folder. Email me for a mailing address to send review materials.
2. If you do send something, it is not guaranteed a spot on the Radish. It has to be good, interesting, funny.
3. Packages that come with professional press material are better. I do read them, so make them good, many times they spark an idea that gets a song or whole album featured.
4. Please do not send food unless it is canned. Canned meat increases your chances by .08%
Posted by Robert Burke
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I happened across your Songs From Ohio play-list Y!Music Blog and I have more than my being from Ohio as a reason to like this play-list.
Your song choice #45 - True Friend by ICEE JAKE, this just happens to be son Jacob "ICEE JAKE" Bragg its one of his song from his 2007 Award Winning release TEMPTATIONS. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for giving him this recognition and for recognizing all of the great music that has come from our wonderful state of OHIO!

By Blogger mbraggster, at 4:55 PM  

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